Available Fur Babies

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Puppy prices... all our babies are $4,000 (available babies have pictures & weights updated weekly below) see all of our previous fur babies here

Maltipoos (Nala...two boys born June 23, 2022, Bella possibly September-October 2022 babies)

Cavapoos (one available baby girl born March 31, 2022 see her below)

CKC red toy poodles (next estimated babies approximately August-September 2022) see a video of one of Annie & Drex's poodles here

Size & Color is estimated...

*Breeder reserves the rights to first pick of each litter if desired in order to improve our breeding program.

Meet Spring the only baby from the litter of New Beginnings...she is an f1b cavapoo born at 6:50 P.M. on March 31, 2022 at 8 ounces... Mocha & Drex are her parents... expecting her to be 6-6 1/2 pounds...her 13 week weight is 3 pounds 2 ounces...she's tracking to be 6 pounds. This baby girl is going to be gorgeous... She's a sweetheart. See Mocha's previous babies on the Past Babies category.

See a video of Spring here & more pictures of her below

From the Litter of Summer Fun, we have two boys, Pickles & Splash. They were born June 23, 2022 at (4.6 ounces, Pickles on the right) & (4.8 ounces, Splash on the left). Expected to be 3 1/2-4 pounds fully grown. Expected to be ready for their homes after August 18, 2022. Nala & Drex are the parents. Pickles 1 week weight 7.6 ounces

Splash 1 week weight 7.9 ounces